Tips for a successful application

Our online job postings are always status quo. Please apply directly on our website at Open Positions: we kindly request that you complete the entire online process which includes the ability to attach documents on your behalf. Examples of documents that we would like to review are noted below:

Comprehensive cover letter

A complete and comprehensive cover letter provides us with a first impression of your personality. Therefore we would like to find out why you are interested in working at Heidelberg Engineering. Share your personal and professional strengths with us and tell us about your previous functions as well as your expectations and visions for your future job. Preferably stating the earliest date you could start and your desired salary too. We set a high value on the cover letter’s form and clarity of content. In line with the motto: Less often is more.

Your resume

The resume should be arranged in clear form and closely inform about your personal and professional background. In general it should provide a structured and comprehensive ordered overview about your professional life.

Additional (optional) attachments

Please send us all relevant certificates and references about your professional experience so we can get a full impression of your qualifications.

Open Positions

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